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The Shoji is an internal panel, mostly used as a window or door to a corridor to let soft, diffused light from outside filter in. Because a soft light is transmitted through the screen you can create a private area while retaining an airy, spacious environment.

Shoji is made of a timber hardwood frame in Australian Tasmanian Oak. This beautiful timber has been selected because it has the correct grain and density to reproduce the quality of the original Shoji screens. Shoji screens and panels have many applications - they are perfect for use as room dividers or sliding wall partitions, in fact in any area of your home or office.

Sizes Available

All doors and screens are custom made to suit any size. Screens as small as 600mm X 500mm or as large as 2700mm X 2700mm can be produced to suit selected applications.

Materials and Design

Our totally Australian Manufactured Shoji has taken the knowledge and expertise gained through specialising in traditional Japanese screens and doors, applying the same understanding to modern design to create elegant pieces to suit any space. Perfect for a home filled with modern decor or a rustic weekender. Equally, Shoji Screens suit any business or office space acting as portable privacy systems of more permanent fit outs.

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Available in raw sanded finish Clear lacquer Black lacquer and a range of decor colours are available at an extra charge.


  • Sliding doors and screens
  • Bi-fold doors and screens
  • Hinged doors and screens
  • Fixed screens
  • Moveable screens
  • Decorative Panels